Austin Energy Green Building Rating

Energy Efficient Apartments in Austin, TX

Looking for energy-efficient apartments in Austin, TX? Look no further than The Villages at Ben White. Our 55+ community has put a specific focus on a higher quality of living without sacrificing the environment. With a close proximity to local grocery stores, health care centers, and seniors’ centers, this community is designed specifically for those looking to be part of a vibrant community with quick access to everything you need. One of the best features of this community, however, is its Austin Energy Green Building rating.

According to their website, the Austin Energy Green Building program “encourages Central Texans to design and construct more sustainable homes and buildings” with their mission being “to cultivate innovation in building and transportation for the enrichment of the community’s environmental, economic, and human well-being.” The Villages at Ben White does just that.

Our apartment homes feature energy-efficient appliances and tankless water heaters, and each building within the community is considered a quality green building by the city of Austin. This Austin Energy Green Building rating is important to the rental community because not only does it mean that the buildings have been recognized as kinder to the planet, but that these residences are better for those that inhabit them.

Because our energy-efficient apartments were built with energy efficiency in mind, they were designed with modernity and stylistic features, making them beautiful, functional, and comfortable for all residents. They’re also more durable and easier to maintain without the hassle of older appliances or infrastructure. Most important, since the apartments are energy-, water-, and materials-efficient, that means the community itself is healthier and safer—both characteristics that are supremely important for the residents at The Villages at Ben White.

If you’re interested in energy-efficient apartments in Austin, TX, contact The Villages at Ben White today to set up a tour. Not only will you love the community and all the amenities it has to offer, but you can rest easy that these apartments are healthier for both you and the planet!